Joan Meyer is a New York City based artist who has been refining her style and skills for over 25 years.  Her earliest artistic influence came from a combination of tutoring from her artist sister and learning basic woodworking from her father.  This creativity was fed through a very active imagination and hours of exploration and invented games in the rich countryside, streams and forests of upstate New York where she spent her childhood.  

Meyer has over 7 years of formal art school training, which began with an Associates degree from Cazenovia College where she began in advertising design.  Meyer went on to get a BFA from the Tyler School of Art at Temple University, a full fellowship to North Carolina School of the Arts for set design and scene painting for the theatre, and a Masters in Art from Florida Atlantic University.  In 2000, a fellowship to study painting at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence, Italy added richly to her repertoire of study and experiences.  Among Meyer’s strongest influences were two of her instructors at Tyler, Steven Greene and Richard Cramer.  Cramer is an expert colorist who emphasized complex mixing and development of personal colors.. 

In 1991, a trip to the Australian Outback sparked a series of paintings derived from her vision of the primitive landscape.  Around this time, Meyer’s work started moving away from the expressionistic, surreal abstractions of shapes with no ground, to more representational landscapes.  The spirit and strange aura does not disappear, but there is a shift in the style. 
In 2001, the destruction of the World Trade Center, only a mile from Meyer’s Soho apartment, sparked the new vision.  Eerily, the devastation was foreshadowed during the summer preceding that September day by a desire to do a New York series about a chaotic, almost apocalyptic vision of the city.

Meyer’s work has been recognized in Art in America magazine, The Miami Herald, Interview Magazine, South Florida Magazine, Art & Antiques Collector's Sourcebook (Spring '08) and Time-Out, NY.  She has won numerous awards and fellowships, had five solo shows, and spoken as the guest artist at art schools and museums. 

Meyer is an Exhibiting Artist member of  The National Arts Club.  She currently teaches fine arts in New York City.
Joan Elizabeth Meyer